Revolver Ed. Limitada Full Metal COLT SILVER|black PEACEMAKER CO2 480 FPS DE POSTAS




  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Max Velocity: 410 ft/sec
  • Weight (lbs): 2.10
  • Overall Length: 11.00 in
  • Capacity: 6 round(s)
  • Action: Revolver
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Material: Metal/ABS plastic

John Wayne Colt CO2 BB Revolver‚ Nickel or Black

The Colt Single Action Army (SAA) .45 revolver is a true American icon and has graced the collections of enthusiasts for 140 years. A favorite gun of the late John Wayne‚ the Peacemaker sat on his hip in over 100 of his Western films. An Oscar-winning Hollywood legend‚ John Wayne was also known as the “Duke”.

Marion Mitchell Morrison‚ who weighed a whopping 13 pounds at birth‚ got his first dog “Duke” when he was nine-years old. Marion and Duke were inseparable and the boy was soon referred to as “Little Duke”. To his relief the nickname stuck. Although his billing as John Wayne came a little later‚ his friends continued to call him the Duke.

To commemorate the legacy of the famous six-shooter and the man who made the gun a symbol of the American West‚ the replica Duke Colt Single Action CO2 Revolver was built. This replica revolver is a throwback to gunslingers of old and America’s favorite cowboy actor‚ the Duke himself. It’s a must-have for any collectors‚ a great plinker for endless fun‚ and an effective tool for training new shooters.

Featuring a full-metal frame‚ authentic action‚ and synthetic grips that have an inlay of John Wayne‚ this single shot BB revolver is CO2 powered and includes a 6-round cylinder with a working ejector rod. The 6-shot comes in various finishes and reveals the John Wayne signature on the back strap.

Choose your finish and add an American treasure to your collection today.

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